Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 acres NEW listing! York SC! Beautiful land!

10 acres NEW listing! York SC! Beautiful land!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Stage YOUR home TO SELL!

Staging your home to SELL!

The home improvement projects that make the house sell fastest is when you paint, update the flooring, and replace light fixtures.
Paint can instantly update a tired old space and make it look, feel, and smell like new again – especially if the walls were covered in wallpaper.
The same goes for flooring, wood flooring that’s scratched can be refinished with a top coat for an instant shine and if you have outdated, stained carpet it’s best to get rid of it and replace with a more affordable material. For details on those check out this video:

Light fixtures are an easy way to tell if the home has been maintained throughout the years and can show the home’s actual age. So, if you have older fixtures, spend some money on replacing them.

It’s important to stick to neutral tones on your walls Neutral tones are not just the “blah” real estate beige — here are some of the go-to colors:
Halo, it’s from Benjamin Moore’s off white collection and it’s not only sophisticated but has endless possibilities when it comes to playing up other colors. Benjamin Moore Silver Fox – it’s not really silver, but actually lo
oks more like a gray-beige which is a good color combination to use in a room that you want to feel warm and cozy. When you put this color on your walls it’s almost as if you’re wrapping a blanket around you, so get comfy.
The next color is a blue gray and its called Eternity from Benjamin Moore. I absolutely love this color and Its one of my GO TO for my own house It’s a great color for southern facing rooms.
Buyers like to envision themselves in the space and are really looking for how they’ll utilize it. Overall consider the buyer. Would the buyer want to step over your mess on the floor to see the bathroom? Or see your dirty dishes? Be considerate of their time and have clean, organized spaces that they can actually consider living in and that will instantly put them in a better mood as they tour your home.
First impressions can make or break a sale, and curb appeal is the first impression being made with the buyer so it is extremely important.
Curb Appeal
  Stay on top of your front landscaping, mow the lawn and trim bushes.
  Power wash the home and sidewalks.
  Add a welcome mat and potted plants around doorway.
  Paint your door to update the look of your home, update the hardware.
  Place a wreath or arrangement on your door.
  Remove all toys, figurines from the front yard.
  Clean all your windows.
  Update lighting and house numbers. Make sure they match.
  Repair the roof, gutters and update exterior paint if peeling.   

One of the first things buyers look for in a home is space, especially more storage space. It’s ideal to go through all your closets, kitchen cabinets or any cabinets that are provided in built-ins. Buyers are nosey and they want to know what they’re buying so focus on organizing and packing up items you won’t need while on the market.

Today’s home buyers are looking for move-in ready homes and that’s what home staging does. It gets the home prepared for sale and the next homeowners. Home staging will help you stand out amongst your competition if you live in a competitive market. It also makes the home easier to market because it will provide amazing photos to show online, which is where most buyers go to search for their next home. Home staging can also get you more offers and can increase the price of the home or, at the very least, justify the price the home seller is looking for. Contact me today for my list of approved by me stagers!

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why should you take a realtor to your new home community?

Getting a Real Estate agent will be one of the best financial decisions you might make when buying a home, yet most of the time, you don’t even have to personally pay the agent. Your agent’s fee will likely come from the seller and/or the listing agent. Your agent will help you through every aspect of the buying process. An agent will find out your preferences and requirements and find homes that you might not otherwise have access to and give you advice based on the current market and local area. Agents help with the negotiation process. An agent advocates for your best interests. They help with the vast amount of paperwork and make sure you understand every step of the transaction. A Real Estate agent likely knows the industry better than you do and will be someone you can trust to help you with one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Top reasons People list their homes with me and buy homes with me.

I am professional, ethical, and a trusted person.
I will provide you with excellent service.
I am a good listener and problem solver, and I like to work fast.
I will offer guidance in determining the listing price so your home can sell for the best market price and in the least amount of time.
I know the real estate business well.

I will simplify and help you with the process of accepting contracts, especially those involving financing contingencies.

I will develop the ideal marketing plan to list your property, using the latest technology available.

I strive to build long-lasting business relationships with my clients.
I will always be available to answer your calls, even after closing.
I will keep you advised of the last market trends and conditions in your area.
I pay for all your advertising. I advertise in Wall street journal, on line advertising, FB advertising, Homes and land and the Realtor Book. I want your home to POP to be the first home buyers are thinking of.
We go thru your home and discuss any possible needed repairs or cosmetic work.  We will then determine with you, if professional staging is needed or offer our suggestions on what you can do to "stage" your home.

Since 90% of buyers use the internet to search for a home, you want to list your home with the agent that has the best internet presence. We also place your home on all the other top sites, including, Trulia, Zillow, etc.
The language of real estate is photography.

Photographs speak volumes of your house and generate the traffic in your home. I will arrange for professional photographs of your home.  The photos are used in the MLS, on our websites, on the weblog, and in print advertising.

I am CEO CFO and owner of my business. I care if your house sells. I care if you purchase a house from me.

Contact me See how I work. Look at my listings on line, read my reviews.