Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You have found your new home in your new community NOW what?

 You have found your new home in your new community, NOW WHAT? 

When you’re going through the closing process and planning to move into a new home, there are countless things that need to be done. You’ve got to worry about inspections, walk-throughs and packing, among other tasks. So, when your new home is a new a new neighborhood or new city, who has the time to get to know their new digs before they get there?

 Lucky for you, thanks to the wonders of the web, and ME your realtor,  it is rather easy to get a feel for a new neighborhood in no time at all!
Here are a five traditional and web-savvy ways to get to know your new neighborhood in a week’s time:
ONLINE: Whether we like it or not, the web is the fastest way to get a feel for a new place. Not only do cities and towns have their own websites, which feature valuable information like local resources and emergency services; but there are also a bevy of social sites where locals are happy to offer their advice on an area’s best restaurants, nightlife, recreational spots and more.

City offers area information on everything from crime rates to weather patterns. can give you even more localized information about specific city neighborhoods. Yelp will help you find everything from the best restaurants to the best doctors in an area and will even share other site users’ experiences. Since you probably already spend a good amount of time on Facebook, join your new neighborhood’s social page (yes, they probably have one); there may be no better way to learn about your neighborhood and your new neighbors!
Act Like a Tourist:   Make it a point to visit some of the historical aspects of your city. Pick up a copy of the local newspaper and some visitor guides to find out what your new neighborhood has to offer. Have your realtor show you some of their favorite places! I have several. 
Seeing some sites and soaking up a little local history will help you establish a quick sense of pride in your new home. Check out My blog for some in sites on fun things to do. And my Facebook business page for recommendations. 
SAY HELLO!  When you’re out and about in your new neighborhood, don’t be afraid to let people know that you need some help. Introduce yourself and try to remember as many new faces and names as you can. Ask your new neighbors about any upcoming community traditions or events where you may be able to meet and make some new friends.
BE A FRIEND!  In the simplest sense, sporting a friendly face will help you get to know your new neighbors, who are sure to offer a wealth of area information. Do what you can to meet as many neighbors as possible, right from the start. You’ll feel more at home; and, trust us, they’re just as interested in who’s moving in as you are in knowing who’s living near you.
Take a walk through your new neighborhood. Talk to neighbors who are walking their pets or shoveling their sidewalks.  Host a casual housewarming party and invite everyone inside. .
Get Involved: Find community groups where you can enjoy your favorite things and meet some new faces who also share your passions. Join a gym or take some classes to find friends and the motivation to meet your fitness goals.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Marketing Plan

 Pledge To Home Sellers:

"I will give the same level of care and attention to the sale of your home that I would use in selling my own home. My goal is to make life-long clients who turn to me first and who recommend me to others - not just a quick sale." 
Selling a house in today's challenging real estate market requires more than just a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper. I use a broad-based marketing approach designed to expose your home to the maximum number of qualified buyers and brokers.
My goals are the same as yours -
  1. Obtain the most money for your home.
  2. Sell the home quickly without making sacrifices.
  3. Minimize the inconveniences of selling.

There are THREE big reasons why you should have me sell your home -
  1. I will increase your wealth.
  1. I will reduce your stress and save you time.
  1. I protect your best interests and avoid pitfalls

The following is a summary of my marketing plan for your home.

1. Preparing Your Home.

I will provide specific guidance on what you should do prior to placing your home on the market. The goal is to get your home in top condition so that  it will command a premium price. 

2. Pre-Listing Preparation.

I will be a major resource providing recommendations for some of the best service providers property inspection, termite inspection, home warranty, etc..

3. Multiple Listing Service.

I will register your property in the Multiple Listing Service database, making it available to over 8,000 agents in Charlotte Metro area  alone.

3. Lock Box.

A electric Supra lock box will provide state-of-the-art security while ensuring your home is accessible to agents to show to their buyers. This electronic lock box allows me to find out who accessed your home. Statistics show that using a lock box increases the number of buyer showings by 40%.

4. Berkshire Hathaway Home Services TEAM 

 These agents are assisting and guiding buyers who are searching for just the right property. Many of our listings are sold by our own agents.

5. Sign.

The distinctive Berkshire Hathaway  "For Sale" sign creates more buyer interest than any other advertising medium. Because we maintain a  number one market share, our signs generate buyer calls. Buyers remember and call us first because our signs are so familiar.

6. Custom-made Brochure.

I will create a quality brochure to emphasize all of the important amenities of your home to potential buyers. The idea is to make the best possible impression and to provide information so that after looking at dozens of homes, your home will stand out in the buyer's mind.

7. Home Book.

Not all agents will be as knowledgeable about your home and the neighborhood as I am. The objective is to provide the buyers with all the information they need to make the decision to purchase your home.

8. Real Estate book 

As a new listing, your home will be featured in the most appropriate Real Estate book , which usually include Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Catawba, Charlotte. 

9. Featured Properties on the Net.

I will advertise your home 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, world-wide on my web site. 

10. Brochure Box.

I will place a brochure box on a sign post in front of your home wherever it is allowed. 

11. Agent Prospecting.

I will review which agents have shown houses in the same price range within the last two weeks and fax them information about the home we have for sale and remind them about the special features of our house. 

12. Broker Open House.

Soon after your home is listed, I will hold it open for all agents. In addition to creating broker interest in your property, this will also reduce the number of agents who come days later to preview your home. Refreshments may be served or a cash drawing offered to increase attendance.

14. Broker Meetings.

I will personally brief hundreds of brokers and agents on the key features of your property at local broker meetings. 

15. Newspaper and Magazine Advertising.

I regularly advertise my listings. Depending upon the price and location of your home.

16. Target Marketing.

I mail information on new listings to selected neighborhoods.
Typically, move-up buyers purchase a home which costs 50% more than their current home. I will target information about your home to specific areas where qualified buyers are likely to reside.

17. Personal Contacts.

Every week, I email information on listings to a selected list of people who are in the market place. This includes over 1700 buyers, previous customers, and others in my personal sphere of influence.

18. Neighborhood Involvement.

In 8-10% of all home sales, the buyer knows someone who lives within two blocks of the house that he or she buys. I will create interest about the sale of your home in the surrounding neighborhood.

19. Open House.

As often as possible, your house will be held open to the public to attract prospective buyers.

20. Referral Networks.

30% of all homes sold here are purchased by someone coming from outside the area . 

21. Special Promotions.

I employ as many unique marketing methods as necessary to get a home sold. Examples might be cash drawings to inspire showings, or broker luncheons to capture more agent attention.

22. Showing Follow Up.

I will contact the agents who have shown your property more than once to determine the level of buyer interest and to provide additional information for the prospective buyers as required.

23. Status Reports. 

I will give you regular emailed, written or verbal reports to include actions taken, actions needed, current and planned advertising, feedback on showings, and changes in the market conditions that may affect the sale of your home. 

24. Partnership.

The process is a team effort.  My job is to market your home while your job is to set the price.  My job is to interpret the market enabling you to make wise choices.

Finally, I will take great pride in handing you a check at close of escrow. You will be glad you trusted the sale of your home to Janice L. Nichols and Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.