Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a little bit of this and that, and training.

 Hey ya'll Im sorry I try real hard to update here. I have been training for my fourth half marathon, coming up this weekend... yikes going to be chilly here.. but I also have been sewing quite a bit of new items, Ipad carriers, SWEET laptop bags, and TWO QUILTS! OH MY GOSH.. how on earth did I take on such a task? Im not sure what motivated me, maybe it was all my time reading my friend Sandi's blog, and envy of all her adorable quilts. ( Im pretty sure that it was...)

pop over and say hi to her.. and enjoy my new items..

alright, Ill check back in with you all when I have completed my half marathon.. until then keep crafty sewing, blogging and smiling.www.legacyofstitches.blogspot.com

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