Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why drop the price the buyers are not complaining.

"WHY drop the price? Buyers aren't complaining
You've been on the market for a couple of months, had lots of showings but no offers. You're thinking that maybe it's time to drop the price. But you realize that nobody has complained that the price is too high.
Could there be another problem? 
Nope. All the prospects that have viewed your home have said it... even if they never spoke the words. A decent number of showings and lack of serious interest means that your house does not compare as favorably with the others in that price range. Prospective buyers compare your home to others on the market and since they didn’t buy your house, they bought another. In other word, read between the lines when it’s not selling, unless you’ve got a dead cat behind the sofa.
Overpricing actually gives the advantage to the other homes on the market. Your house just isn't stacking up against the competition. Don’t wait so long in dropping the price that you make prospective buyers question why your home has been on the market so long. "
 excerpt from this blog. 

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