Sunday, May 13, 2012

I met my blog friend. "Louise and Janice take on NYC in the hurricane"

So late last year, while my husband was still out of work, I got to meet one of my blog world friends.   Scary you may think at first .. we met on the internet, blog world, flickr before Facebook.   She emailed me sometime last year around May.  She said she was coming to America to visit me.  At first I thought What??? is she crazy my husband is out of work and I don't even know if I will have a house by then, he a job? But then a little voice in my head said GO FOR IT! What do you have to lose?

In August I went to the Charlotte Airport and picked up Louise Stuart!  It was quite an adventure, we hit it off right away! I just love to meet new people.

 I took her to my favorite place to eat in Charlotte.

 I took her to my favorite Starbucks.... In South Park mall

 And we went to NYC in the HURRICANE!

 SEE not one single person in the road in NYC they shut us DOWN!

Even Jesus closed the church...
although it was just a little rain where we were..

 Louise treated me to the best weekend in NYC At the Waldorf Astoria

 And here she is quaffing at the sign that said subway closed, no standing....

yes, this was closed too. the whole city was... for the impending storm.

I should mention should you meet someone on the blog world... a Earthquake, Hurricane and tornado probably will not all come the weeks they come visit you.. it just so happened that all happened within the two weeks she was here. Lucky us!:) It was amazing fun so if you happen to meet someone on the blog world, flickr, and share some likes... why not meet up?

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