Monday, May 14, 2012

Sugar Scrub and other gifts on a Budget

Christmas 2011 was  a tough one on us for buying presents.  With that in mind I had in my head to make as many handmade gifts as possible. 

Sugar scrub made with SUGAR, Olive Oil and lemon zest! IT makes your skin feel amazing.

 Rocky and Bullwinkle Coasters
Homemade salsa complete with some chips!

A quilted pillow for my sister (she is a teacher)

some adorable change purses from some lilly shirts that had stains

a coin purse for a teacher

a coin purse with dictionary fabric 

a tote bag and coin purse and a cute quilted pillow.

Quilted bags and some aprons for friends.

a Christmas tote for my sister.

extra spicy salsa for my spicy friends.

an assortment of Jams and jellies to go with some homemade bread

They had the Cutest labels. My daughter learned to make jam!

earrings we made from A very old vintage leather coat.

this just makes me hungry. Homemade bread with the jellies. waiting to cool.

a Maxine quilt for cuddles on the couch.

All these things were basically made with things we already had or re purposed. I happened to have a ton of cilantro growing in my garden that winter. And I had frozen Berries left over from picking this summer.

Cheers have a happy day! and remember to think outside the box.


Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL... at first glance, I read your title, and as the page was loading, I was imagining how weird it would be to use salsa as a bath scrub!! Then as the rest of your post loaded, I scrolled down to see all of your other pics and laughing on the floor with my feet in the air, saw the REAL bath scrub. Too funny!

These are such neat projects for a family on a tight budget! Thanks for sharing :p

Janice Nichols said...

ah my blog is as scattered as I am:) I fixed it.. crazy me.. always posting too quick:)