Monday, April 23, 2012


While my husband was unemployed I found a cute little shop in Flat Rock NC to feature some of my items. I was really nervous about asking people to have my things in their shop... but well It went something like this. 

I friend' ed a bunch of little places on FB asked them to check out my Madi Sweet and Sassy on FB and check out my etsy store to see if it was something they would have in their shop.  I got a few offers but most of the shops wanted rent PLUS a commission on my items. Seemed too risky for me.  I finally settled on a shop that charged 20% of what I would sell.  They did not sell a whole bunch of items but I did manage to snag a few followers and end up selling more on my Etsy store. I also got quite a few custom orders for aprons and such.  The next few photos represent some custom aprons, a pattern I came up with on my own and a pattern from my friend in Australia she has this blog here and this Amazing APP here

  this pattern I am attempting to make into a dress pattern for summer..

  i should have ironed this one first.. it is a Louise pattern

 my labels.
  another  pattern

  I loved the biker chick fabric on this one!! HOT

 who doesn't love betty Boop?

 pin up girl half apron.. why YES!

 my favorite toile apron!

  Perfect for the fall festival!
Enjoy the views please feel free to ask questions.

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