Saturday, April 28, 2012

Art show

I rediscovered my love for painting during the time my husband was unemployed an I even sold a few on my Etsy store on line.  Most of them are collaborations, things I had seen here and there and I re-did them to discover my own ideas. I thought I would share them with you here.  

 a painting of my friend Nancy and I :)

 "Don't worry she said everything will be OK" because sometimes you need to hear these words.

 YOU are a child of God.

 my Garden fairy rescuing a blue bird with a broken wing. 

 my sweet Rooney dog as he was trying to take a sniff at my apple pie I had just made...

 She said "I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission" as my friend Louise stoled figs from my neighbors yard.

MY DREAM car. VW bus.

 sweet garden fairy

Four loving cats. Thankfully I am not a crazy cat lady but I do have two.

 This is sometimes easier said than done. 

"don't worry she said it's nothing a few cupcakes can't handle"

Wings heal, hearts mend and life moves on. They do. and that is a good thing.

I hope you enjoy my art, they speak to my heart as I am painting them. Each one has a special story. You can read about them there on my ETSY store.   Cheers!

Im off for a bike ride today how about YOU?

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