Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unemployment/ Redundant

So one year ago today my husband lost his job, and as you all know I have been a Stay at home mum for many many years.  I decided to shift my blog to a bit about what we did to help those of you that may be facing a job loss, from one income to NO income, except for that unemployment insurance that doesn't even pay for groceries for a family of 4. I will be posting it over some time as he was out of work for 9 months. Thankfully we both now have jobs but you will have to read on to find out how and when that happened.

I love in Australia that they call it Redundant when you lose your job, sounds much more positive than unemployed.

This was me pretty much as I found out. That is what I felt like.  But instead I prayed, and spent a lot of time having Faith.

The very first FIRST thing We did was UPDATE RESUME"S and well mine was a bit of a task because as I said I hadn't worked in a LONG time.  I used to do resumes for my old job as a social worker so I pretty much knew how to do one and what looked good. I did send it around to several friends of mine that still had jobs asking if they would look at it, review it and let me know.

My husband well he updated his resume, put it out there on Linkedin and Twitter, and let all of his colleagues know.  Then we Got our "ducks" in a row to speak. We were not going to have insurance so the first thing I did was contact the state, the children qualified for the state care, but we did not. Rather than pay the HIGH HIGH fees for Cobra we the grown ups,  just went with out. (Risky )

The next thing we did was to call our Mortgage company who worked with us on lower payments, for 6 months..... ( what we did after that will be in a later blog).

Then I cut out all non - essential things, ie, swim team, and started selling all kinds of things on Ebay.
I also RE- Vamped my ETSY store, and spent several days asking for help on making things look better on the ETSY blogs.

I spent HOURS at the library looking for books on job loss, job finding, resume's,  Linkedin,  Social blogging,   I had not yet sought advice from friends nor let too many people know.

I cut out all Races which means if I ran it would be free or just for running. Something I was not used to doing.

stay tuned.

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